• Do you have challenging colleague relationships?
  • Are you overwhelmed by tasks?
  • Are you feeling a diminished sense of purpose?
  • Is your management style not working?
  • Do you have trouble prioritizing?
  • Are you afraid of conflict?
  • Do you suffer from stress and negativity in the workplace?

How Jeff can help you overcome these challenges and more through his coaching services:

  • Improve employee performance and commitment
  • Communication skills mastery
  • Becoming a better coaching leader
  • Redefine your sense of purpose
  • Role clarity and getting the right things done
  • Self-mastery and dealing with fear and frustration

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Jeff’s style never leaves you questioning the investment you are making to make your company stronger while keeping your desire of continuing to be a world class provider of professional services. Sign up now, do not let another moment pass without this guy on your team!
— Lynn Rust, CEO of Lynn Rust CPA

An emotionally intelligent leader, leadership team and workforce is paramount to business success. Jeff Saari helps CEOs, owners, and managers achieve a level of leadership prowess and business excellence through his business coaching services. He seeks to create a safe space for executives of small businesses throughout New Hampshire to explore leadership mastery and create an amazing company culture.  

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Zero Stress Leadership
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Zero Stress Leadership by Jeff Saari
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Essential skills every leader must know to turn negativity and challenges into opportunities

The content in this book comes from my experience of coaching other people both personally and in businesses/organizations. It is an amalgamation of my own philosophy and things I have learned along the way. I am thrilled to share it with you and have the utmost hope that it benefits you and your relationships, both personal and professional. 

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